Playa Encuentro
Great for Learning to Surf

The beginner break on Playa Encuentro is perfect to learn to surf in Cabarete. We have great news if you’re not a strong swimmer yet: the water is shallow, hip to chest high depending on the tide. So when you inevitably fall off your wave you can easily stand up, walk back to your surf instructor with your board, and try again.

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An Organized Surf Beach

Playa Encuentro is the best surf beach in Dominican Republic because it’s so well organized. There is a beginners area, three surf peaks, and three advanced peaks all on one beach. The separation keeps the lineup less crowded and everyone stays safe.

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A Surfer's Paradise

Dominican Republic is a surfer’s paradise for 2 main reasons. First, Playa Encuentro has great waves all year, and second, no dangers! What we mean is you don’t have to worry about predators like sharks or crocodiles nor hazards like sharp volcanic rock or fire coral lurking beneath the water’s surface. We have a lifeguard on duty, perfect weather all year, a safe beach, friendly locals, and nice waves.

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