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    What is My Surf Level?

Level 1

Level one means you are just learning to surf. We start in the white water, or broken waves, which are kinder and also shallow. We teach you how to catch waves and eventually how to choose and catch waves on your own. We work on your stance, paddling, and help you progress into catching unbroken waves.

Level 2

Level 2 surfers can comfortably pop up on the board and are paddling into unbroken waves in the lineup. We teach you about surf etiquette and how to get past the break by turtle rolling and duck diving safely and effectively. We work on wave selection, and angling your take off so you can create speed down the line.

Level 3

Level 3 means you can consistently select and catch waves without assistance. At this level you can surf head high waves, duck dive, and stall or accelerate on a wave. This is where we introduce our Master Coach who surfs with you or uses a video camera to show you what you’re doing on a wave. By working on cutbacks, floaters and snaps we focus on changes of direction and utilizing every section of a wave.

Level 4

Level four coaching uses video to determine which areas need improvement. Our master coach establishes which skills to work on and helps you with those maneuvers during your sessions. Speed, power, and flow are the focus. Level four surfers are brought to the advanced peaks in Playa Encuentro, Dominican Republic that are usually locals only.

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Before you arrive to our surf camp in Dominican Republic it’s important for us to know your skill level so we can plan accordingly. We use the level 1-4 system since terms like “beginner” or “intermediate” are arbitrary and don’t really grasp the experience you might have. Though we all go to beach at the same time, we don’t mix ability levels in groups. We want to maximize your progress by keeping you alongside surfers at the same level as you.

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We provide a uniquely tailored surf camp experience that is designed to improve your surfing and help you reach your goals.

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